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Camp Nowhere is an American rapper, singer, songwriter. Camp is widely regarded as one of the most talented upcoming musicians from his area, born and raised in Longview, Texas. He's a father of three, and the middle child of his family. He was often times inspired by his older brother Jeremy. Aka J list, who is also a household name in any music conversation in ETX.

Camp loves art and football, but decided that music was his passion; and his freedom. Camp is a true artist. Not just another rapper, He aspires to help and influence the youth with his story and words!

In 2014, Camp debut his first single "celebrate" in which he featured on Spank's. In 2018 Camp began his journey to meet the world! In 2018, Camp released his first single "Bloody Mary". Bloody Mary was soon discovered by SayCheeseTv, and reached 60k views in 9 months organically.

Camp also had a documentary about his music and his life and journey set to be released in 2020, along with his debut album.

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